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Casino Bonuses Explained

Getting the best online casino bonus should be every player’s priority when registering at an online casino. Some bonuses are better than others, and they definitely attract players just like you. Here we’ll try to briefly explain different types of bonuses to you, and we’ll also show you what casinos are the best.

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Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses

There are many types of bonuses available at different online casinos, and they sometimes lead to huge misunderstandings, unnecessary stress, and confusion if you don’t understand what they actually are. What you need to remember is that all bonuses will have a certain playthrough requirement before you can cash out. When you first sign up at a new online casino, make sure you know what games offer bonuses and what the play-through requirement is.

Before we head to different types of bonuses, let’s explain the wagering and play-through requirements. Here are the most disagreements and confusions.

Example: You need to play your initial deposit plus bonus 25x before you can cash out. (These numbers usually vary from casino to casino)

You first deposit $150 and get a bonus worth $150 – so you’ll have $300 to play with. The hard part comes now – you must wager the $300 at least 25x before you can think about withdrawals. That means you will need to make $7500 worth of bets.

Use this guide to see the best bonuses in our list of reviewed casinos.

Full list of casinos’ bonuses

  • Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus
  • Probably the best bonus you can receive. The not-so-good thing is that you can only receive it once per online casino website. Find out the highest bonuses before registering with a certain online casino website if you really want to take advantage of this. However, you can always play on multiple websites.

  • Exclusive Casino Bonus / Loyalty Bonus
  • This is the exclusive bonus, also known as Loyalty Bonus – usually reserved for loyal members, the ones who have been wagering for a long time. This type of bonus can also be used to reward players for gaining a specific amount of points – when they move up in the casino’s standings (for example, silver member to gold member). This type of bonus is offered to players depending on the membership status.

  • Deposit Casino Bonus
  • Most online casinos love to show you their gratitude every single time you deposit money. So when you make a deposit of a certain size, an online casino will give you a bonus for that – offering you a percentage of the amount, on top of your deposit. You can call this a discount if you want. For example, if you deposit 200$ and the casino gives you 5% on top of that, you get to gamble with 210$.

  • No Deposit Casino Bonus

    When you want to just test the waters a bit before committing yourself to a certain online casino, you should take the no deposit casino bonus. That means you don’t need to deposit money in a certain casino to play. You get to play the games, experience the casino dynamics, and test out different functions before registering. Always remember to read the rules first, because the casino is handing you out free money, and there are regulations for this type of bonus.

  • Free Play Casino Bonus
  • The free play bonus is pretty much the same thing as the no deposit bonus, but the casino doesn’t allow you any withdrawals as you could get with the no deposit bonus. The free play bonus is usually reserved for new games and special offers to attract new players – when the casino has something to promote. This type of bonus usually comes with a playing limit or time limit.

  • Free Spins Bonus
  • The free spins bonus is unique, it only applies to a single genre of games, the online slots. For example, if there is a slot tournament on and the casino wants to drive the interest in the game, it just offers free spins of the reels – so that the player sees what the game is like. Like everything that comes for free, this type of bonus is usually applicable for a specific amount of spins/time and might not include any money.

  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • One of the most pleasing bonuses available at online casinos as you get a lot of bang for your buck, as most say. Just tell your family, friends, or colleagues about this, and if they register an account, and use your name for reference, you’ll get a percentage of their first deposit. Easy money, right?

Remember: Before you start using any type of bonuses offered to you by an online casino, you should ALWAYS make sure that you read the regulations/rules and understand everything about wagering requirements. Some online casino bonuses may be brilliant, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

The Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, and Casino Bonus are the most popular among players.